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Understanding Concrete Finish Colour

At SpryCrete, we take pride in delivering high-quality Exposed Aggregate, Colour Through and Polished Concrete for your construction needs. However, it’s essential to note that variations in colors and textures of aggregates and concrete can occur. As such, all images provided are indicative only of the final appearance, and the use of sealers may further influence the color.

To make informed decisions and ensure your satisfaction, we encourage you to visit our display facility and view our samples firsthand before finalising your mix. This way, you can see the range of colors available and select the perfect combination for your project with confidence.

At SpryCrete, transparency and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Let us assist you in finding the ideal Exposed Aggregate, Colour Through and Polished Concrete mix that meets your vision and specifications. Visit our display facility today and embark on your construction journey with the utmost confidence in your choices, please also refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Exposed-Concrete-Backyard-SpryCrete-Mannum Backyard-Concrete-Exposed-Concrete-Range-SpryCrete Exposed-Concrete-Backyard-Patio-SpryCrete Exposed-Concrete-Driveway-SpryCrete Exposed-Backyard-Concrete-Around-Pool-SpryCrete Residential-Driveway-Exposed-Concrete-SpryCrete-Murray-Bridge Exposed-Concrete-Job-by-SpryCrete Concrete-Driveway-Exposed-Concrete-SpryCrete-Murray-Bridge Exposed-Concrete-Public-Park

Exposed concrete has an uncovered surface where the aggregate is visible, making it slip-resistant and appealing to the eye - available in numerous colour & style options to suit your needs.

Exposed concrete can be ground down to create a multitude of textured finishes including honed, ground and polished. These finishes can be discussed with us so we can work together to arrive at your desired result.

Aggregate colours

Brinkley Bunyip Evoca Gambler Hindmarsh Imperial Jendarra Kinchina Long Island Marina Maurice Monarto Monteith Murray Rambler Riverbank Rocky Gully Sturt Swanport White Hill Woodpecker
Colour-Through-Concrete-Basketball-Court-by-SpryCrete Colour-Through-Concrete-Black-SpryCrete Black-Colour-Through-Concrete-by-SpryCrete Residential-Backyard-Colour-Through-Concrete-SpryCrete

Colour through options

Rhino Fossil Iron Midnight Bone Tan Rustic Red Prairie
Brinkley Bunyip Gambler Hindmarsh Imperial Jendarra Kinchina Long Island Marina Market Place Maurice Monarto Monteith Murray Rambler Sturt White Hill Woodpecker

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