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Murray Bridge Racing Club Stables

Murray Bridge Racing Club Stables

The Murray Bridge Race Course is becoming the leading regional horse racing destination in Australia. With state-of-the-art facilities already, the club moved further to provide a new suite of on-course stables to house race horses and trainers within 200m of the training track.

In November 2021 began the construction of 6 stables blocks that cater for 164 horses each. Each stables have a kitchen, shower, toilet, office area, a feed room and a tack room where they keep all their gear, this is a first for on-course stables. There’s also a 70-metre swimming pool for horses made from Shotcrete.

SpryCrete had the exclusive concrete supply working in closely with the client to determine the best mix design for the facility and ensure timing was spot on to ensure the project went well. A total of 1825 cubic metres were supplied to the stables.

Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club-Stables Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club-Concrete-Project-by-SpryCrete SpryCrete-Concrete-Leveling-for-Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club-Stables SpryCrete-Concrete-Works-for-Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club SpryCrete-Concrete-for-New-Stables-at-Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club New-Stables-for-Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club Concrete-Works-for-Racing-Club-Murray-Bridge Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club-Concrete-Works-by-SpryCrete Murray-Bridge-Racing-Club-Stables-Concrete-by-SpryCrete
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