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Tailem Bend Cricket Club

Tailem Bend Cricket Club

Tailem Bend Cricket Club is part of the Murray Towns Cricket Association, they are a family driven club with multiple grades ranging from Under 11s to As, this allows the whole household to get involved in the same great team.

They were recently awarded a grant to install a state of the art practice net facility, this will allow their players to gain more experience behind the bat and ball. Working alongside some wonderful local contractors, SpryCrete had the privilege of supplying the concrete for this area. Although we only delivered just over 50 cubic metres, it will still make a big impact on those using the sporting facilities.

Tailem-Bend-Cricket-Club-Concrete-Slab-by-SpryCrete Concrete-Delivery-and-Pour-Tailem-Bend Commercial-Concrete-Job-by-SpryCrete-at-Tailem-Bend Concrete-Slab-for-Tailem-Bend-Cricket-Club-by-SpryCrete SpryCrete-Concrete-Project-for-Tailem-Bend-Cricket-Club SpryCrete-Concrete-Supply-and-Pour-for-Tailem-Bend-Cricket-Club
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